Nike wrenched it’s Betty Ross sneakers after a complaint lodged

Nike wrenched it's Betty Ross sneakers after a complaint lodged

The sports giant, Nike involved in making footwear and apparels launched the latest sneakers recently. The sneakers feature the “Betty Ross” customized flag of America. The flag comprises of 13 stars encircled initially featuring the 13 states of America.

However, sale of the Nike sneakers is taken back by the company due to a complaint lodged by an NFL player. The sign signifies to an era where American vitalizes the superiority of slaves in the states.

Nike wrenched it's Betty Ross sneakers after a complaint lodged

It represents the first flag sewed by Betty Ross
Credits: CNN

Betty Ross flag is a fable other than fact – Marc Leepson

Many people know the history of the American flag, Betty Ross of Nike held the responsibility of sewing the flag. Moreover, Marc Leepson argues that the story of the flag is more of a fiction than fact.

And now it’s high time to remove dust from American history and look for the fact. From which it is making the lines of sewing to remove from the shoe.

On June 14, 1777, Congress passed a law to make a single flag by replacing other flags. And after that, the committee agreed to make a flag with a blue field comprised of 13 stars of white colour. Soon after that June 14 became the Flag Day for the Americans.

Nike: The story of the flag is long!

According to the family of Ross, it took a year for the founding members to make a flag. They reached Ross where she sat to sew clothes and garments.

And after a century Ross’s grandson released first papers which accounts the history of the flag. The published papers entitled with the name “The history of the flag of the United Nation”.

The congress committee along with Washington and Ross would travel for new designs to make a flag. As she had no idea how she would create a flag. Later, designs were chosen and a final look f the Betty Ross flag came into existence.

Nike wrenched it's Betty Ross sneakers after a complaint lodged

The complaint is lodged by NFL player Colin Kaepernick
Credits: Los Angeles Times

In addition, Ross also made the Pennsylvania Navy flag for the Americans. However, the story of the first flag by Betty Ross is true or false it is endearing. And regardless of the fact it just needs to endure.

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