Nintendo Switch Lite Versus Switch – Is the new release even worth the upgrade?

Nintendo Switch Lite Versus Switch – Covering all differences

Nintendo Switch Lite is coming after ages of rumor, and its real reports claim. There is a big confusion of getting a lighter version of the Switch console. And now it is handheld for the player those who asked for it. However, there are some basic differences between both the versions. There are unlimited numbers of updates from Nintendo but somehow players do miss those. It’s never late for the company to provide hardware updates for its portable lines. And now Switch versions are all set up for those updates.

Nintendo Switch Lite announced from NintendoSwitch

Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t actually make switches

Taking everything aside, the most futile and basic question about the lite version-Does it Switch? The answer to this question is “No”, the lite version doesn’t switch. However, the name for the earlier version arises due to its switches between the docked.

It even makes movement along with handheld as well as tabletop mode. Hence, the release of the lite can possibly bring some hacks for its switch movement but now it isn’t. From the manufacturer’s end, the Switch Lite doesn’t switch at anyhow.

Nintendo Switch Lite Versus Switch – Covering all differences

The Joy-Cons for the switch lite is permanent
Credits: Gamers Tweak

And when the comparison begins, the size of the Nintendo Switch Lite is comparatively smaller. Moreover, it can be compared with the 3DS better than the original Switch. A twitter post made all the comparison of the Switch Lite with 3DS and Switch.

The console is cheaper and comfortable than its predecessor

Another important feature of the Switch is the Joy-Cons, which are pretty much new and exciting. This Joy-Cons are more of detachable units, or it can be used as necessary. But in case of Switch Lite, the units are attached and are permanent at times. In addition, this feature also doesn’t support 3-D rumble.

On making better guesses for games, both the versions will enjoy the same gaming experience. However, any game which is not compatible with handheld will not work, just like Super Mario party. In addition, motion supported games will also cause difficulty in running.

Nintendo Switch Lite Versus Switch – Covering all differences

Nintendo Switch Lite releases on September 20, 2019
Credits: BBC

Therefore, the Nintendo Switch Lite is great but it does lack some features from the Switch. But these differences make up the lite version of the console. The price set for the Switch Lite is $199, its cheaper than the $299 Nintendo Switch.

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