Ohio State has legalized marijuana for a limited time period

Ohio legalizes marijuana for time being owing to procedure complications

Pot getting legalized for the time being stuck people like a thunderbolt. The reason of the decision being the overly complicated state contortions to authorize hemp in Ohio. The situation’s complication escalated to such a level that the status quo looks like illicit marijuana charges won’t be prosecuted. Thus leading to the authorization of pot for a certain amount of time.

Ohio legalizes marijuana for time being owing to procedure complications

Medical Marijuana is now a thing in Ohio

Marijuana now a legal product in Ohio

The officials of Columbus have already announced the dropping of the prosecution of misdemeanor pot. Even the state attorney and legal experts say that the present working hints at legalization of pot. On July 30th, the State passed a law stating the legalization of hemp.

The once impossible task was put into force by changing the definition of marijuana and excluding hemp from it. The new definition works on the basis of THC amount (THC is responsible for getting people high) present. A legal hemp encases a THC level less than or equal to 0.3%, while THC over the former value will be termed as marijuana.

Working of the law remains unplanned

The biggest question that arises is how will police and people distinguish between the two? Its, not like anyone can just see and tell whether it is hemp or the illicit marijuana right? The Vice President of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police even stated that fact in an interview.

Ohio legalizes marijuana for time being owing to procedure complications


He said that they won’t be able to distinguish the difference between hemp and marijuana. So each matter regarding the issue will have to be transferred to crime labs. However, the big trouble lies here! Most of the crime labs in Ohio cannot detect the quantity difference of THC. So now what to do?

So until this big unplanned trouble gets solved it looks like marijuana is sort of legal now in Ohio. For who will catch whether the THC level is under legal terms or not? Ohio Prosecuting Attorney Association head agreed on the fact that Ohio is legalizing marijuana for the time being.

Now how long this loop hole of law will harm people still remains unknown!



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