Olivia Munn Engagement Rumors: X-men Star is Planning to get Secretly Married Soon?


Olivia Munn engagement rumors have popped up over the tabloids with claims that the X-men star is going to get married soon. As per the National Enquirer reports, Munn is engaged to a mystery man whose identity she wants to keep secret at this time. Olivia Munn has been famous for dating a lot of actors and even NFL stars, and hence it won’t be a surprise if she gets hitched down in secret.

There are new pictures of Olivia which clearly shows that the actress is wearing a ring on her fourth finger, hinting that she will tie the knot soon.  The magazine claims that Munn is betrothed to an unknown man and she wants to keep the wedding a secret from the world for the time being. Here are more details on Olivia Munn wedding and engagement rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Olivia Munn is Engaged to a Mystery Man

Olivia Munn is Engaged to a Mystery Man

Olivia Munn was recently in a relationship with Tucker Roberts, the president of the esports team Philadelphia Fusion. But it seems that the two of them have broken up as Munn met a new man with whom she is ready to settle down. It is the same reason why Olivia broke up with NFL star Aaron Rodgers as she was building a lot of pressure for marriage.

But it seems that Munn has found love again and the mystery man is also ready to tie the knot with the X-men star. Olivia Munn is finally engaged and probably planning for her secret wedding with the mystery man that will be revealed soon.

Olivia Munn Engagement Rumors and Real Truth

Olivia Munn Engagement Rumors and Real Truth

Olivia Munn engagement rumors don’t make any sense as the actress has always been vocal about not planning to get married. Munn has said in an interview that she feels weird about getting married and pick a single person for the rest of her life.

Also, the ring on Olivia’s finger doesn’t mean engagement as it could be a regular accessory or something related to her movies, one can’t just jump to assumptions based on that. Olivia Munn has been previously linked to Tom Cruise, Chris Pratt, Justin Theroux and many more, but none of the dating rumors have been confirmed so far.

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