One Common Feature Between PlayStation 5 and XBOX Two: Everything You Need to Know

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Scarlett Reasons why Sony is the Winner of Gaming Console War with Microsoft

Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s XBOX Two (tentative name) are all set to hit the markets at almost the same time in 2020. Gamers are excited as they will be entering into the new decade with hopes for new features and improved specifications from the consoles. Interestingly, there are going to be some features that are common between both these gaming consoles!

Sony PlayStation 5 vs Microsoft XBOX 2

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PlayStation 5 and XBOX Two: What’s Common?

The news editor of Kotaku, a popular gaming website, recently stated that features of the PlayStation 5 and XBOX Two are going to be pretty similar. In fact, so much so that they might even be the same specs. Over the years we’ve always seen Microsoft lag a little behind Sony’s gaming tech but 2020 will be the year that that difference will be leveled.

PlayStation 5 vs XBOX 2

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The biggest difference between the two will be on smaller aspects, such as Sony focusing on the fact that there are going to be ‘no load times’. Sony wants to ensure that the PlayStation 5 gives users the fastest possible gaming experience. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft’s USP with the XBOX Two is going to be.

A Battle For Exclusive Games?

PlayStation 5

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Microsoft and Sony are both trying their best to ensure that they get the best possible deals in terms of exclusive content, at least for the initial period. We already know that Halo 5 will be exclusive to the XBOX and it will release along with XBOX 2. The same is the case with PlayStation 5 and ‘The Last of Us 2’  There’s a huge anticipation that Sony might get a deal with Rockstar to get GTA 6 exclusive to PS5 for a few months.

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