One Piece Chapter 1002 Predictions: Sanji will fight Page One, King and Queen in Wano?

One Piece Chapter 1002 Predictions- Sanji will fight Page One, King and Queen in Wano?

One Piece Chapter 1002 spoilers will take some time to arrive as the manga series is on a break this weekend. However, there are so many things about the manga storyline that we can predict and some of them are very close to the actual events. Sanji is a unique character in the Wano arc and the One Piece 1002 chapter could shift the focus to the cook in trouble.

For those who are not aware, Sanji has been caught in a web by Black Maria and since he doesn’t hit women, someone needs to save him soon. There is no way Sanji will spend his time hanging from a web and he needs to fight some powerful enemies such as King, Queen, or Page One. Here are more details on One Piece Chapter 1002 spoiler predictions for Sanji’s matchup in Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1002 Predictions for Sanji’s Match-Up in Wano

One Piece Chapter 1002 Predictions for Sanji's Match Up in Wano

Sanji needs to get out from Black Maria’s spider-web in One Piece Chapter 1002 and help Luffy in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom. It would be very rude of Eiichiro Oda to play another gag on Sanji while Zoro is up there fighting two Yonkos together. But if we remember the Enies Lobby arc, Sanji always has a trick up his sleeve and the cook saves the day in the end. Nami or Robin could easily save Sanji from Black Maria in One Piece 1002 chapter and he can proceed to help others.

Sanji vs Page One is the most probable matchup as they have previously clashed and holds a grudge on each other. Also, Page One has beaten Nami and Usopp, which gives Sanji another reason to take him out in One Piece chapter 1002 and fight the dino-zoan user.

Sanji vs King fight have been teased before and it will be a perfect matchup as they both use fire, wears a black stealth suit, and can fly in the sky. One Piece chapter 1002 could show that Sanji helps out Marco against King and it would be funny if Marco mentions Zoro and Sanji says he needs to get on the roof too.

Sanji vs Queen matchup also sounds interesting as Queen holds a grudge against Judge (Sanji’s father) and knows that Sanji is his son. Marco vs King fight is also possible as they share similar devil fruit powers and it will leave Sanji to fight Queen and help Marco.

One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers and Raws Scans Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers and Raws Scans Leaks 

One Piece Chapter 1002 spoilers and raws scans leaks will be out a few days before the manga releases and nothing is fixed at this point. As of right now, we will assume that nothing comes out this week and things will get regular from next week.

One Piece Chapter 1002 will release on next Sunday, January 31 and fans can read it online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus platforms.

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