One Piece Chapter 1004 Predictions, Reddit Theories: Third Door of Onigashima Top will Open

One Piece Chapter 1004 Predictions, Reddit Theories- Third Door of Onigashima Top will Open

One Piece Chapter 1004 spoilers will be out in a few hours but we can try to predict the manga storyline before that. Since everyone has read the official version of the One Piece 1003 chapter by now, it is easier to speculate what will happen next based on the current story progression.

Most of the fans are hoping to see the hybrid form Kaido in One Piece 1004 chapter but that might not happen this early. Eiichiro Oda is known to switch the story events so that things progress gradually and everyone gets proper screentime. Here are the best predictions and theories for One Piece Chapter 1004 that speculates what will happen in the manga story next.

One Piece Chapter 1004 Predictions, Reddit Theories and Speculations

One Piece Chapter 1004 Predictions, Reddit Theories and Speculations 

One Piece Chapter 1004 predictions on Reddit are saying that the manga will shift focus from the rooftop fight to the matchups down below. It has been three chapters since we are seeing Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law fighting against Kaido and Big Mom. Now it is time for the other straw hats to shine and there might be some change in the matchups too.

There is no way Sanji is fighting Black Maria in One Piece 1004 chapter or Nami and Usopp can handle Page One and Ulti by themselves. As seen previously in the Enies Lobby fight, the straw hats will change opponents in the midway so that things become interesting. Sanji might fight King or Queen as teased previously and we are yet to see the opponents for Brook, Robin and Chopper.

One Piec Chapter 1004 theories are also saying that the third door on the top of Onigashima rooftop will open and someone would join the Supernova vs Yonko fight. It is not clear whether it will be an ally or an enemy, but the previous chapter hints that someone is near the door.

Fans can read online One Piece Chapter 1004 for free on February 14 at 11 am EST from Viz Media, MangaPlus and Shonen Jump platforms.

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