One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers, Predictions: Cat Burglar Nami steals Zeus from Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers, Predictions- Cat Burglar Nami steals Zeus from Big Mom
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One Piece Chapter 1008 spoilers will be out in a few hours as there is no manga break this week. Fans are eagerly excited to see what Eiichiro Oda has in stores for them this time as the manga story has reached a very interesting point. While we wait for the One Piece 1009 spoilers and leaks, we can discuss the predictions and theories for what will happen next in the storyline.

Even though Oda is always unpredictable, there is a certain symmetry to his chapters which is enough to get a gist of what is next to come. Here are the latest updates on One Piece Chapter 1009 spoilers, predictions, manga read online methods and English version release date.

One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1009 spoilers are expected to arrive around the morning of Tuesday, March 30 as per the usual schedule. The manga leaks will be out soon and it will reveal the chapter title, break details and a brief summary of the storyline.

One Piece Chapter 1009 title could be “Cat Burglar Nami” based on the pattern that Oda has been following recently. The mangaka is naming chapters with the reverse order that the straw hats pirates were teleported by Kuma before the timeskip with names of important Wano Samurais in between. It is why everyone is predicting that Nami will get her chance to shine in the One Piece 1009 chapter and she will do something amazing.

Law might teleport Big Mom down from the Onigashima roof so they can separate her from Kaido. Nami will then find Zeus and steals her from Big Mom and attack Ulti and Page One with a thunder strike. One Piece Chapter 1009 spoilers will be updated once the manga leaks are verified.

One Piece Chapter 1009 Read Online and English Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1009 can be read online legally for free from the following manga sources:

  • Viz Media (Shonen Jump)
  • MangaPlus

One Piece Chapter 1009 release date for the official English manga version is Sunday, April 4 and the manga issue will come out at 12 noon EST.

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