One Piece Chapter 1012 Full Summary Spoilers: Sanji heals and carries out Zoro to Live Floor

One Piece Chapter 1012 Full Summary Spoilers: Sanji heals and carries out Zoro to Live Floor

One Piece Chapter 1012 full summary spoilers are finally out as the manga raws are getting closer. It is just a matter of time before the panel leaks will also arrive and everything will become clear. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains major One Piece Chapter 1012 spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

One Piece Chapter 1012 Full Summary Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1012 Detailed Summary

One Piece Chapter 1012 Chapter 1012 Title: “Itching”.

In the cover, Kid is creating a metal bird while a family of little birds is making a nest on his head.

Chapter starts with the Red Scabbards on the 3rd floor, they are running to help Momonosuke. Izou asks Kiku whether her arm is OK. Kiku replies that for a samurai this wound just feels like an itch. Then she mentions that her heart also itched a bit the day Izou suddenly left Wanokuni. Izou apoligizes to Kiku for suddenly leaving her behind.

Kawamatsu asks Izou what he think will become of Wanokuni once they open the country to the world. Izou says they can talk about that once they survive until morning.

Kinemon says they are outnumber on all fronts, so they should split up and go help everyone. Kinemon will go save Momonosuke alone. Kiku asks to be the one to finish Kanjuurou once and for all. Kinemon allows it and tells her to come with him. The rest of the Red Scabbards split up and go different ways.

Nekomamushi runs into Shishilian and Bariete (the monkey Mink). He then learns that Pedro is dead (remember Nekomamushi arrived to Wanokuni at the beginning of he battle) and the killer is also near on this island, currently fighting Carrot and Wanda. After knowing that, Nekomamushi jumps ahead of the others.

Cut to Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu, they are in the attic. Yamato says they shouldn’t stay together since the “Marys” will spot them. So Yamato created a cute looking (but obviously fake) Momonosuke dummy and she will take it with her and act as decoy. But Momonosuke and Shinobu looks at Yamato and can tell that she’s obviously “itching” to fight.

Before leaving, Yamato asks Momonosuke how is Luffy. Momonosuke says Luffy is still doing fine but the “voices” up there are down to just to 2 people.

Yamato: “So it has turned into 1 on 1 fight… I must hurry!!”

After Yamato leaves, Momonosuke opens Oden’s journal…

Cut to Sanji, he’s on the 2nd floor. He’s running to help Momonosuke and fighting Kaidou’s men while he’s carrying a huge cross on his back. That cross is Zoro, that is heavily injured. A little flashback starts. Law, Zoro and Zeus appeared above Sanji and Sanji had to carry Law and Zoro. Sanji asked Zeus for Nami, but Zeus got scared and flied away.

Law heard Big Mom so he said he’s going to follow her. Then he told Sanji that Zoro broke about 20-30 bones in his body, so Sanji should treat his wounds first. Sanji tied Zoro to pieces of woods and put so many bandages on him that Zoro looks like a huge cross.

Sanji: “Who the hell made you this injured!?”

Zoro: “Kaido and Big Mom.”

Sanji: “OK, that’s understandable. How’s Luffy?”

Zoro: “It seems he’s understood something. He will surely win!!”

Sanji: “No need to tell me. I already know!!”

Back to the present, Zoro is sleeping while Sanji is complaining and fighting Kaidou’s men. Sanji then runs into Kawamatsu and Izou. They tell him Kinemon is already going to save Momonosuke so Sanji doesn’t need to go there. Zoro suddenly wakes up and tells them that they should go to help people at the “Live Floor”, then he goes back to sleep again.

Cut back to Big Mom. Page One has his head stuck into the floor, it seems he’s heavily injured. Ulti runs toward Big Mom in rage. Nami says to Big Mom that Ulti is the one behind whatevers making Big Mom angry.

Big Mom: “Shut up! After I’ve finished with these guys, I’ll deal with you “Straw Hats” later!!”

Nami then tries to side with Ulti instead.

Nami: “Ulti-chan!! Let’s take down Big Mom together!!”

Ulti: “Shut up! After I’m finished with Big Mom, you guys are next!!”

Ulti then jumps at them and uses her “Ulti-Mortar” to knock down Komachiyo. She then slaps Tama. Big Mom is enraged and steps in front of Ulti.

Big Mom: “How dare you hurt my friend!?”

Ulti: “How dare you hurt my brother!?”

But suddenly, Nami jumps at Ulti and hits her with a thunderbolt, knocking Ulti to the ground.

Usopp: “Hey, wait Nami! Aren’t we running away!?”

Nami: “I can’t anymore… after what she’s done to a kid… I’m gonna crush this woman here!!!”

One Piece Chapter 1012 Ends

No Break Next Week, One Piece Chapter 1013 comes out on May 16th

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