One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date Update: Manga Issue Delayed due to Golden Week Holidays

One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date Update: Manga Issue Delayed due to Golden Week Holidays

One Piece Chapter 1012 will be the next thing that the manga fans look forward to after the One Piece Chapter 1011 is released on the official sources. While the manga raws leaks are kind of out, it will still take some time for the chapter to come out.

But that has given enough details regarding the One Piece 1012 manga chapter and everything will be verified soon. It seems that the manga fans need to wait for some more time next week too. Here are more details on the One Piece Chapter 1012 release date, manga break, theories, predictions and other updates.

One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date Delay and Golden Week Break

One Piece Chapter 1012 release date has been delayed next to next Sunday, April 9, 2021, as per the latest manga reports. It seems that there is a break next and the upcoming issue of One Piece 1012 won’t be coming out next Sunday.

There is something called the Golden Week Holidays in Japan where 3-4 holidays come together and hence the entire week is given off. It is why the One Piece Chapter 1012 is delayed and the manga series is on a break next. It is not just about One Piece, almost all the manga series are on a break next week due to the Golden Week holidays.

 One Piece Chapter 1012 Predictions and Theories

One Piece Chapter 1012 spoilers could still come out early as Eiichiro Oda has not taken any breaks and he will finish the manga manuscript on his usual time. Although, nothing can be said for sure when breaks are involved and hence the One Piece 1012 leaks can come out anytime.

One Piece Chapter 1012 theories and predictions are saying that Big Mom will break the alliance with Kaido and declare a war on the Beast Pirates for wasting food and destroying the Okobore town. Even though she is a criminal boss herself, they have moral codes and it probably means a big shift in the alliance. It is how Luffy’s alliance will be able to beat Kaido’s men as the Wano war will take a crazy turn soon.

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