One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers, Leaks, Title, Brief Summary and Next Week Break Details Out

One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers, Leaks, Title, Brief Summary and Next Week Break Details Out

One Piece Chapter 1013 spoilers are finally out as predicted with the manga leaks coming out on the internet. The Korean sources have delivered the manga intel on time and most of the details are revealed out. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains One Piece Chapter 1013 title and summary leaks, hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

One Piece Chapter 1013 Title and Brief Summary

One Piece Chapter 1013 Title: “Anarchy in the Big Mom”

One Piece Chapter 1013 Brief Summary

– Ulti recovers from Nami’s attack.

– Nami uses the “Tornado Tempo” against Ulti, who dodges it and prepares to defeat Nami.

– Big Mom uses a combined attack from Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera to attack Ulti, who is KO’d.

– Hera was created at the request of Prometheus, who asked Big Mom that he wanted a girlfriend (it is what we see in the drawing).

– Zeus sees Hera and breaks her heart.

– Big Mom: “I don’t need you anymore, Zeus. Hera, you can eat it.”

– Zeus begs for his life but Big Mom does not take pity on him.

– Big Mom tries to attack Nami and Usopp. Zeus, who flees from Hera, tries to apologize to Nami.

– Zeus is sacrificing himself for Nami to escape.

– Kid enters the scene using his “Punk Gibson” against Big Mom.

– We move on to Kaidou Vs. Luffy.

– Kaidou: “The result was obvious … I got excited like I hadn’t been in a while, but I made a mistake …I should have slit your throat and” declared my victory “.That way, no one would have believed that you could win … “

– At the end of the chapter, we see Luffy KO falling from Onigashima to the sea.

Source: Korean Source

One Piece Chapter 1013 Release Date and Break Next Week

One Piece Chapter 1013 release date is Sunday, May 16th as per the reports and fans can read the manga issue from Viz Media and MangaPlus official platforms.

It has been mentioned that there is a break next week and hence One Piece Chapter 1014 will be delayed and come out on May 30.

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