One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers, Leaks: Manga Title and Brief Summary are Finally Out

One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers, Leaks: Manga Title and Brief Summary are Finally Out

One Piece Chapter 1014 spoilers are finally out on Tuesday as predicted and fans are happy with the leaks. It is finally revealed what happens next in the manga storyline and the chapter title and brief story summary are also revealed. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains One Piece Chapter 1014 spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers, Leaks, Title and Summary

One Piece Chapter 1014 Title: “The life of the actor”

One Piece Chapter 1014 Brief Summary

– Luffy falls into the ocean while Kaidou watches him.

– Bao Huang informs Kaidou that they have found Momonosuke.

– Kaidou tells Bao Huang to inform the entire island of Onigashima about the result of the fight

– Yamato keeps going to the roof while fighting.

– Momonosuke: “Looks like I shouldn’t die … !!”

– Chopper Vs. Queen.

– Caesar tells Chopper (in a mini flashback) that with his help, he could make the effect of the Rumble Balls last much longer than 3 minutes (this is the image he posted).

– Bao Huang announces the outcome of Kaidou’s battle and says that Kaidou will accept as subordinates those who surrender.

– Kanjuurou arrives where Momonosuke is.

– At the end of the chapter Kaidou appears before Momonosuke and attacks him with his kanabo.

Source: Redon and Korean Source

One Piece Chapter 1014 Official Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1014 official release date for the English manga version is Sunday, May 30th as per the source. The manga raws and scans will be out 2-3 days before that, but fans should better wait till the original version comes out.

One Piece Chapter 1014 can be read online for free from the following manga sources.

  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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