One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers, Predictions: Momonosuke turns into Dragon and saves Luffy

One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers, Predictions: Momonosuke turns into Dragon and saves Luffy

One Piece Chapter 1014 spoilers will take some time this week as the manga issues is on a break. It is why the manga theories and predictions will be discussed for some time until some intel comes out. Here are some of the best One Piece Chapter 1014 spoiler predictions that could actually happen in the manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1014 spoilers will be out around next Tuesday and here are the possible predictions for the future manga storyline.

– One Piece Chapter 1014 is the last chapter of Volume 100 and Eiichiro Oda will end it with some shocking events.

– We will see Momonosuke flying to save Luffy by hearing his “voice” falling and one voice still on rooftop or the Wano octopus might save Luffy from drowning

– There could be some Kidd action, last chapter he looked so badass the way he slammed Big Mom

– Nami and Ussop will start running again unfortunely to take Tama to a safe place.

– Sanji reaches the live floor to hand Zoro to Marco or Chopper, Sanji clashes with King because he tries to sneak attack them

– Raizo/Dogstorm/Ashura/Killer are a bit forgotten and we might not get to see them for a little longer

– Kinemom with Kiku reaches Momo’s location but only Shinobu is there because Momo went to save Luffy, so they decide to go fight Kanjuro together

– Denjiro might join Franky to fight Sasaki but it would be better if Franky handles the fight himself.

– Yamato reaches the rooftop hopefully and being shocked that Kaido is sitting alone drinking, she asks about Luffy and Kaido says “He is dead”, Yamato clashes with Kaido without touching (Kaido probably trained him the conqueror’s coating).

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One Piece Chapter 1014 Release Date Updates

One Piece Chapter 1014 release date has been delayed and updated to Sunday, May 30th as per the official sources. The manga series is on a break this week as Eiichiro Oda is taking a rest and things will resume normally from the next week.

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