One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers Predictions: Kaido vs Yamato Fight and Possible Backstory?

One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers Predictions: Kaido vs Yamato Fight and Possible Backstory?

One Piece Chapter 1016 spoilers will be out in some time but the manga story predictions are already out. There are so many things that can happen next and it is expected that the storyline will pick up from where it left last time. Yamato finally reached to confront Kaido and the One Piece Chapter 1016 might show a possible fight between them. Here is more on One Piece Chapter 1016 future predictions for the manga storyline.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1016 spoiler predictions are saying that Kaido vs Yamato fight is bound to happen in the manga soon. It might also be possible that we get to see a backstory of Kaido or something regarding Yamato and who is her mother. Although, Eiichiro Oda hardly reveals anything about mothers so that might not happen at all.

One Piece Chapter 1016 could also reveal Yamato’s devil fruit as it was previously hinted and most of the fan theories are saying that it would be a mythical tiger fruit. Elsewhere, Chopper will try to heal Zoro as Sanji will handle Queen. One Piece Chapter 1016 would also give some update on Luffy who was saved by the Heart Pirates and is currently resting in their submarine.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Leaks Updates

One Piece Chapter 1016 leaks are expected to arrive on Tuesday morning from the courtesy of Korean sources. Although, fans should better wait for the official manga chapter that will release on Sunday.

One Piece Chapter 1016 can be read online legally for free from Viz Media and MangaPlus platforms.

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