One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers for Luffy, Whitebeard, Roger, And Oden

One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date, Plot Spoilers for Whitebeard, Roger, And Oden

One Piece Chapter 964 is the next in the manga series to release on Sunday, December 2 and the raw scans leaks should be out by Friday, November 29. After the amazing last chapter 963, fans have been excited and can’t wait out to see what happens next in the series.

Here are the details on the release date, plot and raw scans release of One Piece Chapter 964 and the spoiler predictions for Luffy, Whitebeard, Roger, and Oden. There might be some spoilers for One Piece previous chapters and hence read at your will.

One Piece Chapter 964 Plot Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 964 Plot Spoilers

In One Piece Chapter 964, we will see Kozuki Oden requesting the Whitebeard pirates to join them so he can travel the seas. Even though his request was denied, Oden was so stubborn that Whitebeard almost allowed him to sail on his ship. In the end, Oden sneaked into the ship at night when it was about to leave.

There are spoilers for chapter 964 of One Piece manga which may or may not be true. The story of One Piece 964 next follows Oden jumping into the sea, where he and Izou are captured and brought back to the Moby Dick with ropes. Whitebeard will pull out Izou, but Oden will be left hanging in the sea. They will make a deal in which if Oden can survive for three days, he will be allowed to stay on the Moby Dick ship.

One Piece Chapter 964: Fate of Roger and Oden

One Piece Chapter 964 Fate of Roger and Oden

Oden somehow was able to endure the hardships of the sea in One Piece Chapter 964 and when only an hour was left in the deal, he saw some bad guys troubling Toki on the beach. Toki is a very beautiful lady and Oden saves her from the bad guys, but they attack in a group again and Whitebeard and Izou come to the support of Oden.

We will see in One Piece 964 that Toki, Oden, and Izou will continue their journey forward in Whitebeard’s ship. One Piece Chapter 964 may finally introduce us to the Pirate King and Roger wants to meet that Samurai which may or may not exist in reality.

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