One Piece Chapter 966 Release Date Updates, Spoilers: Roger and Oden come Together to Find the Hidden Treasure

One Piece Chapter 966 Plot Spoilers, Release Date Roger and Oden come Together to Find the Hidden Treasure

One Piece Chapter 966 manga raw scans leaks and spoilers are out now but the release date has been delayed. Along with it, a lot of plot details regarding Oden, Whitebeard and Roger are revealed. The pirate captains are crazy where they battle to death with each other and then parties together like best friends the next moment.

Luffy and his gang are still in the present timeline while the flashbacks will continue and tell us more about the backstory of Oden and how he ended up with Gol D. Roger. Here are more details on what happens in One Piece chapter 966 story and when the manga will release in stores.

One Piece Chapter 966 Plot Predictions and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 966 Plot Predictions and Spoilers

As the previous predictions for One Piece chapter 966 said a yonko-level battle between Whitebeard and Roger happened but it was someone else who ignited the whole fight. It was Oden who attacked Roger and since he was a member of the Whitebeard crew, a big battle between the two pirate groups started which lasted three days and three nights. But the pirates acted as if nothing had happened and partied afterward.

One Piece 966 will show that Oden attacked Roger because he thought that his group will steal the treasure. Roger however had no issues with Oden and he was actually overjoyed to meet him and hence attacked Whitebeard instead and yonko-level battle happened in One Piece chapter 966 manga issue. Roger, Oden and Whitebeard are discussing about the secret writings which no can read and could contain the map to treasure.

Oden can read Poneglyphs and which is why Roger borrows him from Whitebeard for one year, as won’t live afterwards. Oden agreed and even brought his family to help in the treasure hunt, as Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are also on the ship as stowaways. One Piece 966 ends with the crew reaching Sky Island (Skypiea) and Oden finds a weapon called Poseidon that can help in finding the treasure.

One Piece Chapter 966 Updated Release Date and Raw Scans Leaks

One Piece Chapter 966 Release Date and Raw Scans Leaks

One Piece Chapter 966 will come out one delayed than the regular schedule and has an updated release date of Monday, December 23, 2019 in regular stores while it has already released on Mangaplus. Fans can also get it earlier as the raw scans are always leaked two days prior which will be December 20. It will be revealed how Oden and Roger come together to find the secret treasure in the next chapter 966 of the manga series.

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