One Piece Chapter 966 Spoilers Predictions and Theories: Roger vs Whitebeard Yonko-Level Battle, Pirate King Backstory and More

One Piece Chapter 966 Predictions and Theories

One Piece Chapter 966 is going to be amazing and one of the best in the manga series. It will finally feature the legendary yonko-level battle between Roger Pirate and Whitebeard Pirate. Fans of the manga will also get the answers to why Oden joined the Pirate King Roger and what happened after he left Wano. One Piece Chapter 966 will release on December 23 and here are the plot predictions and theories as to what will happen in the next chapter of this manga series.

One Piece Chapter 966: Roger vs Whitebeard Yonko-Level Battle

One Piece Chapter 966 Roger vs Whitebeard Yonko-Level Battle

One Piece Chapter 966 is hyping up the legendary battle between the most dangerous pirates, Roger and Whitebeard. In the last chapter, both of them met and had a brief clash and it was hinted that they will have a yonko-level fight very soon. It was Whitebeard who suggested to Gold D. Roger that they should have a fight till death.

Fans are excited to see what amazing powers and abilities these legendary fighters posses and how would their death battle happen. Although, the battle will be very short and none of the pirates will die as Whitebeard is still alive in the present time and Roger is more concerned about finding the legendary hidden treasure One Piece. It doesn’t mean that Roger vs Whitebeard yonko-level battle won’t be lethal and fans are in for a treat when One Piece chapter 966 is out.

One Piece Chapter 966: Oden joining Roger Pirate and Aftereffects

One Piece Chapter 966 Oden joining Roger Pirate and Aftereffects

One Piece Chapter 966 leaked spoilers also say that we will finally get to know why did Oden left the ship of Whitebeard pirates and joined the Roger pirates instead. It is mostly possible that Gol D. Roger himself lures him because he knows that Oden is the only person to get out of Wano Country and can lead him to the legendary treasure because Oden can read Poneglyphs.

There are high chances that One Piece 966 also reveals the backstory of Roger and how he became the Pirate King. The rumors about One Piece chapter 966 story also mentions a time-skip where Roger and Oden reach Skypiea Island. Meanwhile, in the Wano Country, Kaido and Orochi are making an alliance so that they can overthrow the government and betray Kozuki clan and Oden when he returns.

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