One Piece Chapter 979 Review and Recap: Family Trouble for Kaido and Yamato

One Piece Chapter 979 Review and Recap Family Trouble for Kaido and Yamato

One Piece Chapter 979 titled “Family Trouble” finally came out and it was amazing till the end. Even though there was only a little action, it was important to set up things for the upcoming Luffy vs Kaido battle. The Straw Hats and their alliances all have placed themselves at various positions and will attack at once when the time is right.

One Piece 979 also revealed the details about Kaido’s son Yamato and how he will have a big impact on the future storyline. The Flying Six were also an important part of the manga chapter and they are ready for action in One Piece chapter 980. Here is more on “One Piece” chapter 979 review, recap, summary and spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 979 Recap, Summary and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 979 Recap, Summary and Spoilers

One Piece 979 shows that Luffy and the alliance have formed smaller groups to attack the Beast Pirates from all positions. Law, Kinemon and the Scabbards took the submarine and are at the backside of Kaido’s castle and will enter via the secret entrance. Sanji, Nami, Robin, Ussop and other Straw Hats are on the right side of the castle. Zoro was trying to follow Luffy and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid but lost the way and he is on his own now.

Luffy can’t wait for much time in One Piece 979 and will start fighting the first instance he is given a green signal. It was also revealed that why did Kanjuro was not able to reach Onigashima on time and inform Orochi about the raid. Kanjuro got lost on his way as he has never been to the island and had to fight Orochi’s men in “One Piece” chapter 979 as they still think he is from the Kozuki clan. Momonosuke was staring at one of the knife that Orochi’s men dropped and he might free himself as promised.

One Piece 979 Family Trouble Review

One Piece 979 Family Trouble Review

One Piece Chapter 979 reviews are praising the manga issue for giving out the full layout of the upcoming battle plan. Fans can easily see which member is placed where and how will the raid start. It seems that all the straw hats, scabbards and other alliance members will have to fight a different opponent, thus it will show their skills. One Piece 979 is the calm before the storm as the next chapter will be full of action and fight scenes.

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