One Piece Chapter 980 Review and Recap: Fighting Music and Scratchmen Apoo’s Attack

One Piece Chapter 980 Review and Recap Fighting Music and Scratchmen Apoo's Attack

One Piece Chapter 980 titled “Fighting Music” is finally out and it focuses on Scratchmen Apoo who proves to be a great deal of trouble for Luffy and Zoro. One of the worst generation supernovae, Apoo has the ability to convert each part of his body into a musical instrument and release energy attacks from them.

Luffy and Zoro are unable to see Apoo’s musical attack in One Piece 980 and the later gets badly injured with a cut on his chest. Kidd comes in between and the last panel shows him doing the “Punk Gibson” attack with all sorts of weapons coming out. Here is the detailed One Piece chapter 980 review along with recap and summary for the manga issue.

One Piece Chapter 980 Recap, Summary and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 980 Recap, Summary and Spoilers

One Piece chapter 980 summary is basically Apoo attacks Luffy and Zoro, Kidd attacks Apoo. There is not much happening in the chapter as the manga issue always focuses on a single plot point in detail and the rest of the events will get separate chapters. Queen is also revealed to be plotting against the Flying Six members in One Piece 980 manga chapter which kind of foreshadows the upcoming battle challenge.

Scratchmen Apoo can convert each of his organs into musical instruments and launch projectile attacks from them. Luffy seems to be fine from Apoo’s attack due to his rubber body but Zoro gets a deep cut as usual before every battle. One Piece chapter 980 also hints the past rivalry between Kidd and Apoo when the former calls the latter a backstabber.

One Piece Chapter 980 Review and Analysis

One Piece Chapter 980 Review and Analysis 

One Piece chapter 980 review mostly praises the manga issue for showcasing how the stakes have increased for Luffy and his alliance. Scratchmen Apoo proves to be so powerful that he takes out two of the main fighters, Luffy and Zoro in a single blow. The alliance will have to fight against powerful villains such as Big Mom, Kaido, King, Queen, Orochi, Calamities, Flying Six, etc. and it will exhaust them to their limit.

One Piece chapter 980 paves the way for the Wano war and it seems that the alliance will need some more help. Kidd proves his worth when he attacks Apoo and the next chapter will reveal whether the blow landed or he defended it. One Piece chapter 980 can be read online on Shonen Jump and Manga Plus official platforms.

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