One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Leaked: Kaido teams up with Big Mom to become the Pirate King

One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Leaked- Kaido teams up with Big Mom to become the Pirate King

One Piece Chapter 985 spoilers are finally out as the raw scans leaks have arrived on the internet. The main reason why it took so long for One Piece 985 spoilers to come out is that the main leaker had a fight with fans who called him out a liar and asked for a proof along with a threat of online complaint.

However, the spoilers are finally out where some of them are still not verified and hence you must take it with a grain of salt. Here are the detailed One Piece chapter 985 spoilers which show that Kaido had formed an alliance with Big Mom to find the ancient weapon “One Piece” and become the next Pirate King.

One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Confirmed and Verified

One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Confirmed and Verified 

Title : New Onigashima Island Project.

  • Kaido kills/attacks Orochi.
  • Kaido’s plan doesn’t include Orochi, and since the start he’s useless.
  • Kaido wants to start the greatest war this world has ever seen, to destroy the actual peace, and make Yamato into the leader of a new Wano.
  • This new country will be used to stage a war against the entire world.
  • The purpose of the alliance with Big Mom is the get all the ancient weapons and the One Piece

One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers and Leaks (Not Verified)

One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers and Leaks (Not Verified)

  • No traces of the Samurai Invasion have been found yet by the ninja
  • Flashback to Momotaro’s attempted escape from Kanjuro, speech about how killing him won’t end the rebellion
  • The Scabbards meet up with Kinemon and Denjiro who have come all the way around the back, in a position to sneak-attack Kaido
  • Crossing a bridge that is really a giant sword
  • Yamato reveals she wanted to leave this country with Ace
  • She has been a prisoner on this island since she was 8 years old
  • Flashback to cruel methods beast pirates used to keep her locked up including explosive collars
  • Kaido announces the world is an uproar because of the disbandment of the Shichibukai
  • Beast Pirates are going to team up with the Big Mom Pirates to take the world’s Ancient Weapons
  • Big Mom arrives on stage as well>Nami hiding somewhere close by
  • Big Mom and Kaido announce they’re going to take One Piece and bring horror/war to the entire world, using Wano as a natural fortress to garrison from
  • Wano will become a lawless zone, a Pirates’ Paradise
  • Kaido announces they have either Kozuki’s or Kurozumis to use
  • Orochi is murdered (!!!)
  • Kaido announces to the Samurai (whether he means the scabbards or all the hidden samurai or Orochi’s men I’m not sure) that they should join him instead to become pirates
  • Wano will become New Onigashima
  • And its Shogun will be Kaido’s son, Yamato
  • Yamato and Luffy are found, Tobi Roppo are contacted

Source: Reddit One Piece Community

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