One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Unconfirmed: Kanjuro challenges Kaido after Orochi’s Death

One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Unconfirmed- Kanjuro challenges Kaido after Orochi's Death

One Piece Chapter 986 spoilers are making rounds on the Internet but none of them have been confirmed yet. There are a lot of One Piece spoilers and leaks claiming to be original, but it won’t be clear until the raw scans are out.

The reason why spoilers have been delayed this time is that One Piece 986 is coming after the Olympics break. Here is the top voted One Piece chapter 986 spoilers that are unconfirmed at this point, but seems to be true.

One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Translated to English

One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Translated to English

Orochi’s subordinated are having mixed opinions because Kaido killed Orochi, where Fokoroju refuses to accept his terms.

Fokoroju says that Orochi was our boss and ex-Shogun of Wano, and they will never forgive him.

The Captain of special Samurai forces announces a war on Kaido loudly.

King get orders fro Kaido and starts to kill everyone.

Queen laughs that there are only 10 Samurais to fight against Kaido and he never thought they will open their mouths.

Kaido’s subordinates admits that the Samurais are on a different level as they knock out a lot of fighters.

Yamato shows up to Kaido where he asks her to take the seat of Shogun of Wano.

Yamato refuses the position but Kaido reminds her of Oden and asks to fulfil his promise and do what Oden couldn’t do.

The Red Scabbards have conquered the gate and starts moving.

Kanjuro has fallen into a pool of blood but he laughs away and challenges Kaido.

Kaido knocks out all the Samurais from Wano and Yamato in one blow.

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