One Piece Chapter 987 Raw Scans, Spoilers: Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen Fight Confirmed

One Piece Chapter 987 Raw Scans, Spoilers- Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen Fight Confirmed

One Piece Chapter 987 raw scans leaks are finally out and it shows that Zoro and Sanji will fight Kaido’s first and second commanders. King and Queen have been hyped up as great fighters and it would make sense for Luffy’s first and second mate to give them a challenge. Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen fight will be amazing and also give the straw hats a chance to show their training.

One Piece 987 raw scans and spoilers claim that Zoro will rush in to save Luffy as King can pierce him with his sword. Similarly, Sanji will save Nami and Carrot from Queen who has a zoan type devil fruit. While the manga scans and spoilers have not been verified yet, it totally seems possible at this point. Here are more updates on One Piece chapter 986 raw scans leaks, spoilers, theories, release date, and ways to read online the manga series.

One Piece Chapter 987 Raw Scans Leaks and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 987 Raw Scans Leaks and Spoilers

  1. Zoro and Sanji normally fight the 2. and 3. strongest opponent.

  2. King has a sword. I mean he has a very strong devil fruit already. He could have been introduced without sword, but Oda still gave him the sword.

  3. Zoro wants to cut fire, King somehow uses fire to fight.

  4. Queen could have been a strong woman with that name. Then Sanji would never fight her. But Oda introduced a fat man with lipstick on.

  5. Queen lets people starve in prison and Sanji could never watch that, he would even feed his enemies.

  6. Design of King and Queen. King looks badass and very dangerous, Queen looks funny. Similar to Mr.1 and Mr.2.

  7. King and Queen have a similar relationship like Zoro and Sanji. This also was the case with Mr.1 and Mr.2 and even with Kaku and Jabra.

  8. If Luffy fights Yonkos, Zoro and Sanji will fight Commanders. Would not make sense if Luffy fights against Kaido and Zoro and Sanji against Tobi Roppo. The gab would be to big.

  9. Zoro and Sanji both never showed what they learned in 2 years training. Their Gear 4 is missing to compare with Luffy. They never needed to go allout, but still received power ups. I think Oda wants to show that allout Zoro and Sanji would not be enough to fight Commanders but with Raid-Suit and Enma he somehow tried to fix this.

  10. Zoro and Sanji need good fights in which they can exceed their limits, like Luffy angainst Katakuri. It has been too long now, since their last allout fights.

Source: Reddit One Piece Community

One Piece Chapter 987 Release Date and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 987 Release Date and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 987 release date is set as Sunday, August 10, 2020, as per the official manga sources. The raw scans for the manga chapter are already leaked online but it has not been verified. The confirmed One Piece 987 spoilers will be out any second and we will update it here soon.

Although, it would be better to wait for the official release of “One Piece” chapter 987 English version. One Piece manga chapters can be read for free on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Mangaplus official websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.

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