One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers, Leaks, Theories: Zoro will cut Kaido with Oden’s Sword Enma

One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers, Leaks, Theories- Zoro will cut Kaido with Oden's Sword Enma

One Piece Chapter 988 spoilers and raw scans leaks would have been out by now if the manga wasn’t on a break this weekend. The weekly Shonen jump is not publishing anything this Sunday and hence fans will have to wait 7 more days for the latest One Piece chapter.

There are various leaks and spoilers for One Piece 988 manga chapter floating around the internet, but none of them can be trusted. However, most of the One Piece theories point out that Zoro will cut Kaido using Oden’s sword Enma as it has been foreshadowed a lot. Here are more details on One Piece Chapter 988 spoilers, leaks, theories, raw scans updates, release date, and ways to read online the manga chapters.

One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers, Leaks, and Theories

One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers, Leaks, and Theories

One Piece chapter 988 spoilers and leaks claims that Zoro will have a fight with Kaido where he will cut him down and injure the dragon using Kozuki Oden’s legendary sword Enma.

Zoro had already cut down a dragon in Punk Hazard and it had nothing to do with the main story, apart from foreshadowing that Luffy’s first-mate will fight a dragon villain aka Kaido at one point.

Oden used his sword Enma to cut down Kaido 20 years ago and it left a scar on the body of the beast, which still aches to this day.

Zoro acquiring Enma, the sword of Oden was a major plot point in One Piece manga series and it has to be used somewhere.

Zoro needs to avenge Hiyori, Yasuie, Tama and the villagers which gives him enough motivation to fight Kaido.

Even in the Fishman Island arc, Zoro cut down and injured Hody so badly that Luffy was easily able to take him down.

One Piece chapter 988+ spoilers might show Zoro cutting down Kaido and Luffy and the Scabbards delivering the final blow to the dragon.

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 988 release date is set as Sunday, August 23, 2020, as per the official manga sources. The raw scans for the manga chapter are already leaked online but it has not been verified. The confirmed One Piece 988 spoilers will be out any second and we will update it here soon.

Although, it would be better to wait for the official release of “One Piece” chapter 988 English version. One Piece manga chapters can be read for free on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Mangaplus official websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.

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