One Piece Chapter 989 Review, Discussions, and Read Free Official Manga Online


One Piece Chapter 989 reviews are out and it is honestly one of the best chapters in the manga series. The entire Wano arc is amazing with the storyline juggling so many characters and the power levels getting higher and higher.

One Piece 989 English translations are out but the official chapter will come out on Sunday. Here is the detailed One Piece chapter 989 review and discussion along with information on how to read online the official version of the manga series legally for free.

One Piece Chapter 989 Review and Discussions

One Piece Chapter 989 Review and Discussions

One Piece Chapter 989: “I don’t think we are Losing” is amazing with so many great panels. Franky and Brook totally takes on Big Mom, with Jinbei and Robin stepping up to finish the job. Franky says to Nami that don’t fear a Yonko if you want to see Luffy as the next Pirate King. One Piece 989 shows that the Straw Hats crew are now Yonko-level and fears no one in the New World.

Yamato and Luffy have developed a close bond even though they just met and the Straw Hats captain trust her to defend Momonosuke. Big Mom is one of the toughest Yonko but Jinbie and Robin totally threw her over like a rag doll. Usopp and Chopper were captured by the Numbers, but Franky fired a beam and they easily rolled out of the tank.

One Piece Chapter 989 Review, Discussions, and Read English Translation Manga Online

Sanji woke up fine thanks to his raid suit and have joined his team. Luffy meets Zoro on the top to fight Kaido as the swordsman always gets lost to a perfect place. Luffy and Zoro were stopped by Queen who threw them away, King along with other flyers is also defending Kaido on top and not allowing anyone to reach the Yonko. But that gave fans one of the best manga panels where all the straw hats have finally reunited after a decade.

One Piece Chapter 989 Read Official English Translation

One Piece Chapter 989 Read Official English Translation 

One Piece chapter 989 can be read online for free on VIZ media, Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Mangaplus official apps, websites, and other platforms. The latest three chapters of One Piece manga series are free to read legally from the official source. One must try to read One Piece 989 from the official sources as it is totally free and would also help the manga creators to make better stories.

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