One Piece Chapter 991 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Leaks: Zoro, Jinbe and Franky stops Luffy from Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 991 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Leaks- Zoro, Jinbe and Franky stops Luffy from Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 991 raw scans are finally out and the spoilers have also arrived with the leaks. Since the manga chapter was on a break last weekend, OP Chapter 991 spoilers came out early and even the full summary will be out.

The straw hats have finally come together but it won’t last long as they are in the middle of the Wano War. For those who are interested in reading about the manga story, proceed at your own risk as this article contains One Piece chapter 991 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 991 Raw Scans, Spoilers and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 991 Raw Scans, Spoilers and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 991 Title is “Let me Die” and it is something Kinemon says near the end of the chapter. It is not clear whether Kinemom says it in the context of his own death or he asks the Scabbards to let him fight Kaido alone.

Luffy easily accepts X Drake’s request to join him after hearing the names of Coby and Garp. But Zoro, Jinbe and Franky stops him and disagrees on the whole matter due to trust issues.

Zoro and X Drake have a fight as they are both supernovas and hardly have faith in each other. The fight is described as a skirmish meaning they are not actually trying to kill each other.

Page One and Ulti attacks the remaining Straw Hats pirates but Nami and Usopp distracts them and divert their attention. Nami and Usopp vs Page One and Ulti will be a battle of brains and brawns in One Piece 991 chapter.

Apoo shows up once again in Wano and he attacks everyone, but Zoro and X Drake easily blocks his attack. The two supernovas stops fighting and teams up to take a stand against Apoo.

One Piece chapter 991 raw scans leaks finally shows the Sulong forms of Inu and Neko

Kaido uses his boro boro Fire Blast Breath on the Samurais, but Kinemom successfully cuts the fire.

Jack is falling down from the Onigashima roof after being defeated by the Minks army, it seems that Jack is not actually defeated but rather falling literally on the ground.

One Piece chapter 991 ends Kinemon saying the chapter title as he low diffs Kaido’s blast breath.

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