One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers Out: Zoro and X Drake Fights and Blocks Apoo’s attacks

One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers Out- Zoro and X Drake Fights and Blocks Apoo's attacks

One Piece Chapter 991 spoilers are finally out and the raw scans leaks have also been confirmed by the verified sources. Fans are glad that the spoilers have arrived early as the manga was on a break last week. The best part is that OP chapter 991 spoilers confirms that there will be no break next week.

One Piece 991 spoilers reveal a lot of things about Luffy, X Drake, Zoro, Apoo and even shows Kaido vs the Samurai outcome. There will be a lot of fights, arguments, twists and turns. The following article contains One Piece chapter 991 spoilers and leaks, hence one must read ahead at their own risk.

One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers Details

One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers Details 

One Piece Chapter 991 Title: “Let me Die!”

Luffy agrees to Drakes request, but Zoro stops him. Jinbe and Franky also disagree . Zoro confronts X-Drake.

Zoro and X-Drake fight. They have a skirmish.

Pagey and Ulti attack SH. Usopp and Nami draw their attention.

Apoo shows up again. Apoo attacks, but is blocked by Zoro and X-Drake supposedly.

Inu and Neko sulong forms reveal

Kinemon cuts Blast Breath from Kaido.

Jack falls, it isn’t known if literally or figuratively, as in defeat.

Final or one of the last lines of the chapter is the title. Kinemon says it after he low diffs Kaido’s Blast Breathe.

Neko and Inu images below

One Piece Chapter 991 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 991 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online 

One Piece Chapter 991 release date is set as Sunday, September 27, 2020, as per the official manga sources. The raw scans for the manga chapter are already out and fans have started discussing One Piece 991 spoilers over Reddit and other social media platforms.

Although, it would be better to wait for the official release of “One Piece” chapter 991 English version. One Piece manga chapters can be read for free on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Mangaplus official websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.


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