One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Latest News: Big Mom to be reunited with Son; Wano war continues

One Piece Chapter 992

One Piece Chapter 992 is finally here. After this two week wait, spoilers and plot predictions are on an all-time high.

Big Mom and Son Perospero Reunited

The much-awaited reunion of Charlotte Linlin and her eldest son Perospero is finally happening. Along with former Whitebeard’s First Division Commander Marco the Phoenix, Perospero would presumably lay down his plans to his mother.

Big mom One Piece

Perospero forged a temporary alliance with Marco because he is not in favour of Big Mom’s partnership with Kaido. However, Perospero’s proposed alliance would not materialize because Charlotte Linlin, a.k.a. Big Mom doesn’t want to break her recently forged ties with the Beast Pirates’ captain. There are several factors why Big Mom would not want to ally with Marco the Phoenix or cut her alliance with Kaido.

Kaido One PieceDo

Big Mom and Kaido go way back a long way, and she might have a very good reason for siding with the beast emperor. Although Whitebeard, Kaido and Charlotte Linlin are all part of Rocks Pirates, Big Mom seems a lot closer to Kaido than Edward Newgate. It is possible that Charlotte Linlin believed in Kaido more than Marco the Phoenix.

Perospero One Piece

Also, Marco is allied with the Straw Hats and the fandom knows how Big Mom is extremely mad at Luffy. It is also possible that O-Lin does not trust her eldest son’s judgment, as she always does even during the Whole Cake Island arc. For old emperors like Big Mom, Luffy and the rest of the new breed of pirates are all talks.

The alliance could have been the dark horse of Kaido’s enemies. At this point, it is not clear if Perospero would convince his mother to change sides or if he will leave the Big Mom Pirates because of her mother’s decision.

The fights of One Piece Chapter 992

The upcoming episode will see the Minks and the Samurais taking on Kaido and they will most likely get defeated. Additionally, we are yet to see Drake and Zoro taking on Apoo. The bullets that Queen shot did seem to intimidate Drake and speculations are rife about what the bullets actually contained. It could be seastone/ Smile/some virus. Some people could actually die because of the bullets.

There is also a possibility of Drake and Zoro fighting Queen instead of Apoo. Luffy and Sanji are going up the dome but it’s actually pretty early for Luffy to face Kaido so they might have to deal with some other obstacle. Maybe they’ll end up battling the likes of Queen. We might also see Marco join the fight. Fans have not given up hopes of seeing the Marines or the other yonkos interfere which might make the fight even bigger and more widespread than it is now.

Kinemon did manage to injure Kaido but it’s to be seen if the samurais can really hold out against him even with the assistance of the Sulong Minks. Luffy also will probably not make it atop the dome soon and will get engaged in the battle against the likes of King or Queen or even Big Mom. It’s also possible that external forces may get involved because of X Drake.

X Drake One Piece

Release Date, At Long Last

Chapter 992 is to be released on October 17th. Albeit rumours have been doing rounds that it might arrive earlier on October 16th. Just a couple days more and the wait comes to an end.

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