One Piece Chapter 993 Release Date Delay, Spoilers, Plot Predictions and Manga Schedule Updates

One Piece Chapter 993

One Piece Chapter 993 was supposed to be released this week. Instead, it has been postponed. Recently, Shonen Jump announced that the manga’s author Eiichiro Oda is not in good health. Also, the Manga’s chapter 992 is yet to be published.

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When will Eiichiro Oda return to work?

The Manga series is published in the Shonen Jump Weekly magazine. Due to the delay of Chapters 992 and 993, the journal issued a public statement. On the Social Networking Site Twitter, the magazine announced–

“One Piece was scheduled to be published in WSJ Issue #44 but due to a sudden illness that left the author in poor physical condition, the series was absent. Eiichiro Oda has now recovered and will resume serialization in WSJ Issue #46. Thank you for your understanding.”

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 992

Under normal circumstances, this section would have included news on Chapter 993. And yet, as Chapter 992 hasn’t been released until now, fans can only get what’s to come on this next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 993

That would mean that the upcoming episode is still about Luffy and X Drake’s meeting. In fact, the Captain of SWORD, a Marine Secret Special Unit, will most likely join Luffy’s alliance. We all have seen that he asked the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates to allow him to fight with them after Queen and Who’s Who found out that he is the traitor who set Law free while he was in captivity in Kaido’s turf.

At first, Luffy agreed when X Drake asked to join. But Franky and Jinbe disagreed and asked Luffy not to allow it. They have reservations as they are skeptical about his intentions. And they have every right to be, as he had been one of Kaido’s allies for a very long time.

One Piece Chapter 993

Queen and Who’s Who were about to kill X Drake. Naturally, he ran away from them. Then, he chanced upon Luffy. Originally, he might have wanted to join Luffy’s alliance to save his life but it is also quite possible that he actually wants to quit being on Kaido’s team now. Or else why would he have betrayed them so willingly.

In this Chapter, it is most likely that fans will get to see more of Carrot, Zoro, Law, Nami and Jimbe. Not to mention, the battle in Onigashima is still not over, the fights will continue. Eventually, Kaido’s death has been predicted.

Release date:

According to One Piece Fandom, Chapter 992 will be released on October 17th. After a two-week-long unexpected break, fans are waiting with bated breath.

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