One Piece Episode 907 Romance Dawn Review, Release Date for Episode 908 and Return of Wano Arc

One Piece Episode 907 Romance Dawn Review

One Piece Episode 907 was something special in the anime series, it was not a filler or bad episode. It was a special episode titled “Romance Dawn” which is something that inspired Eiichiro Oda for the current One Piece anime series. The episode 907 for the Japanese animation series was already announced a month ago. It was a special nod to the anime seriesโ€™s 20th anniversary celebration and the makers decided to share their earlier work with the fans.

The Wano arc has been put on hold for the second time as earlier there was a two week break for the Carbonic acid king which merged into the One Piece: Stampede movie released in August. Here is the review for the One Piece: Romance Dawn special and the return and release date for Episode 908 which will continue the regular storyline.

One Piece 907 Romance Dawn Review

One Piece 907 Romance Dawn Review

One Piece Episode 907 or simply Romance Dawn is a special version of the anime which some people are calling as the beta version of the show. It is one of the initial version of the anime which was being tested out before finalizing the series. It can be considered as a rough draft, which became the main inspiration for Oda to create the One Piece anime series.

Romance Dawn shows that Luffy’s grandfather was a pirate and he gave him his famous hat. Garp and Nami are the current versions of the characters shown in Episode 907. There are many changes compared to the current version, character styles, hair colors, etc are all changed in One Piece Romance Dawn episode.

When is One Piece Episode 908 Returning?

When is One Piece Episode 908 Returning

One Piece anime fans who are way too involved in the story are eagerly waiting for the release of Episode 908. The last episode ended on a cliffhanger and fans can’t wait to see what happens with Luffy, Tama and Speed. The good thing is despite the special Romance Dawn episode, the anime series is not taking a break. One Piece Episode 908 will release on Sunday, 27th October on the usual time slot.

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