One Piece Episode 956 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers: Zoro finally tames Oden’s sword Enma

One Piece Episode 956 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers- Zoro finally tames Oden's sword Enma

One Piece Episode 956 is coming out this weekend and it might finally reunite Luffy with the other straw hat pirates. Zoro has been trying to learn the ways of Samurai and he has collected Oden’s sword Enma with the help of Hiyori. Zoro will be seen training with Enma in One Piece Ep 956 and master his haki powers too.

Luffy will also train in the new forms of advanced armament Haki so he can defeat Kaido in the upcoming battle. Here are more details on One Piece Episode 956 release date, preview, spoilers, and ways to watch online the anime with English subtitles.

One Piece Episode 956 Spoilers, Preview and Title

One Piece Episode 956 Title: “The Decisive Battle Draws Close! The Strawhat Crew Prepares”

One Piece Episode 956 trailer preview shows that Zoro is using Oden’s sword Enma to train and cuts down several trees. It uses a lot of Haki powers and Zoro’s hands turn blue but he is very soon able to tame it and control its powers.

One Piece Episode 956 spoilers indicates that the straw hats prepares for the upcoming Wano battle and take down Kaido. It also means that the next episode will show Oden, Whitebeard and Gol D Roger flashback and more on the One Piece and Raftel Island.

One Piece Episode 956 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 956 release date is set as Sunday, December 27 as per the official anime sources. One Piece new episodes are released every Sunday and the anime will follow the same pattern this weekend too. As for the release time, it depends on the location and time zone where fans can catch One Piece episode 956 live at 9:30 am in local Japanese time and change that to their zones.

One Piece Episode 956 Watch Anime with English Subtitles

One Piece Episode 956 Watch Anime with English Subtitles

One Piece Episode 956 can be watched on channels such as Fuji TV, Korean Broadcasting System and Spacetoon. The latest episodes of One Piece anime series can also be streamed online on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Animelab, VRV and other streaming services based on your location.

It will have the option to watch One Piece Episode 956 English sub so that viewers outside Japan can also watch it without any issues. Netflix has also added the first four seasons of One Piece anime on its streaming library and very soon, Wano arc will also stream on the service.

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