One Piece Episode 966 Release Date, Summary Spoilers: Roger vs Whitebeard Pirates Battle Starts

One Piece Episode 966 Release Date, Summary Spoilers- Roger vs Whitebeard Pirates Battle Starts
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One Piece Episode 966 is coming out next in the anime series but fans will have to wait for an extra week as things have been delayed. The anime creators are on a break next week but that is not an issue as the anime quality will be worth it.

One Piece Ep 966 will continue the Oden flashbacks where the Roger and Whitebeard Pirates crew will collide against each other. Here are more details on the One Piece Episode 966 release date, summary spoilers and ways to stream online the anime.

One Piece Episode 966 Summary Spoilers, Title and Trailer

One Piece Episode 966 Title: “Roger’s Wish! A New Journey”

One Piece Episode 966 Summary Spoilers

The Whitebeard Pirates and the Roger Pirates, two of the world’s most famous pirate crews, happen to land on the same island and collided with each other. The battle continued for 3 days and 3 night s, but on the 4th day, the reunion turned into a Present exchange. The members of both crews becam e friends with each other and held a banquet.

Meanwhile, Captain Gol D. Roger came to know that Kouzuki Oden of the Whitebeard Pirates can read the ancient text written on the “Road Poneglyps” that indicates the location of the “Last Island”. The reading of ancient text is a secret, which is passe d down to the Kouzuki family in Wano Kuni. Roger then makes a ridiculous request to Captain Edward Newgate of the Whitebeard Pirates.

One Piece Episode 966 trailer is also out and it shows the Whitebeard Pirates clashing agains the Roger Pirates and an epic battle starts.

One Piece Episode 966 Release Date and Stream Anime Online

One Piece Episode 966 release date has been delayed to next Sunday, March 21st as per the official anime source. The anime creators have taken a break next week as they are working on a special marathon event and hence there won’t be any One Piece episode releasing on March 14th.

One Piece Episode 966 can be stream online or fans can watch it on Television from the following official anime platforms.

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