One Piece Episode 968 Release Date, Preview Trailer, Plot Synopsis and Stream Anime Online

One Piece Episode 968 Release Date, Preview Trailer, Plot Synopsis and Stream Anime Online

One Piece Episode 968 is the next installment coming out in the anime series and it takes everyone one step closer to the Laugh Tale Island. Roger and Oden will reach the final island but before that, they need to get to Wano for the final poneglyph. Here are more updates on the One Piece Episode 968 release date, preview trailer, title, plot spoilers, and ways to stream online the anime with English subtitles.

One Piece Episode 968 Preview Trailer, Title and Plot Spoilers

One Piece Episode 968 preview trailer shows that Oden and the Roger pirates reach Wano where the Scabbards are very emotional to see Oden back after so many years. Momo has grown up a bit and Toki feels relaxed after reaching the Island. The trailer ends with little Shanks waving to Roger’s ship as he stays behind to take care of Buggy who fell sick before the final island.

One Piece Episode 968 Title: “The Birth of the Pirate King – Arrival! “The Last Island”

One Piece Episode 968 Spoilers and Synopsis

Oden and the Roger Pirates head for Wano in search of “the Road Poneglyph that shows the location of the last island.” Oden is excited as the route to the last island is finally beginning to appear. However, when the Oro Jackson entered the waters near Wano, Toki collapsed. Toki’s original destination is Wano Kuni.

As reaching the Wano country was imminent, the tension was gone, and the fatigue of a long trip appeared on her body. Crocus, a surgeon of the Roger Pirates, says, “If we continue t o sail, we cannot guarantee Toki’s life.” Oden is forced to choose whether to get off the ship in Wano and finish the trip, or to aim for Laugh Tale as it is …?

One Piece Episode 968 Release Date, Time and Stream Online

One Piece Episode 968 release date is set as Sunday, April 4th as per the official anime sources. The latest One Piece episode will air at 9:30 am in local Japanese time (8:30 pm EST on Saturday) and fans can change that to their local time zones.

Fans can stream online One Piece Episode 968 or watch it on TV from the following official anime platforms.


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