One Piece Episode 969 Synopsis Spoilers Revealed: Oden learns about Orochi taking over Wano

One Piece Episode 969 Synopsis Spoilers Revealed: Oden learns about Orochi taking over Wano

One Piece Episode 969 is coming out very soon and it will continue the Oden flashbacks after the Samurai returns to Wano. Roger has found the One Piece and disbanded his crew and even Oden returns to Wano but everything has changed.

Fans will get emotional once again in One Piece Ep 969 as Oden will feel after seeing Wano’s condition. Here are more details on the One Piece Episode 969 synopsis spoilers, trailer, and ways to stream online the anime series legally.

One Piece Episode 969 Synopsis Spoilers

One Piece Episode 969 Title: “Towards Wano Kuni! The Roger Pirates Disband”

One Piece Episode 969 Synopsis

The Roger Pirates have arrived at the last island. The captain, Gol D. Roger, is now known as the “King of the Pirates,” who has gained all of the wealth, fame, and power. And then Roger, who has achieved his goal, declares the dissolution of his pirate crew.

After returning to Wano, Kouzuki Oden is delighted to reunite with Toki and his children. However, after the death of his father, Sukiyaki, Oden is shocked and hate to learn that Kurozumi Orochi is in the position of Shogun.

How to Stream Online One Piece Episode 969 Legally?

One Piece Episode 969 can be easily stream online from various platforms and most of them even offers a free trial so it is almost free. Fans can use the following sources to watch One Piece Episode 969 legally and it would also help the anime creators.

  • AnimeLab
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • OnePieceOfficial

One Piece Episode 969 Release Date: Sunday, April 11th

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