One Piece Episode 972 Stream Online, Spoilers: Oden and Scabbards goes to War against Kaido

One Piece Episode 972 Stream Online, Spoilers: Oden and Scabbards goes to War against Kaido

One Piece Episode 972 will be available to stream online in a few hours as the anime release time is getting very close. Even the manga fans are eager to wait for the anime series this weekend as there is no manga chapter releasing this Sunday.

Oden will finally fight Kaido and his forces along with the Nine Red Scabbards and the Wano flashbacks will come to an end soon. Here are more details on how to stream online One Piece Episode 972 and more on the anime story spoilers.

One Piece Episode 972 Stream Online and Release Time

Fans can stream One Piece Episode 972 online on the official platforms of the anime series that airs One Piece and various other series. It is very easy to access those platforms and one could even watch the show for free without any subscription on the next Sunday. Here are the best platforms for streaming One Piece Episode 972 without any hassle.

  • OnePieceOfficial
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • AnimeLab

One Piece Episode 972 will release on Saturday, Mat 1st at 10 pm EST (Sunday in Japan) and fans can watch it online from the above given platforms.

One Piece Episode 972 Preview Trailer and Anime Spoilers

One Piece Episode 972 preview trailer shows that Oden and the Scabbards goes to war against Kaido. Orochi betrayed Oden by breaking his promise and it pushed the Shogun to go for an all-out battle. The army of Kaido is already waiting for Oden and his retainers in Wano and there will be a big battle coming soon.

The manga spoilers says that Oden will be tricked into submitting by Kurozumi Higurashi and he will face a public execution in One Piece Episode 972 storyline. However, Oden will manage to save all the Scabbards at the cost of his own life and die at the hands of Kaido.

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