One Piece Episode 974 Release Date, Preview, Synopsis Spoilers, Title and Stream Online

One Piece Episode 974 Release Date, Preview, Synopsis Spoilers, Title and Stream Online

One Piece Episode 974 is coming out next in the anime series and fans are looking forward to it. It might be the last episode that shows the Oden flashbacks and the anime will then resume Luffy’s storyline where he has made an alliance with Kid and Law to attack Kaido. Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece Episode 974 release date, title, preview, synopsis spoilers, and anime stream online sources.

One Piece Episode 974 Title, Preview Trailer and Synopsis Spoiler

One Piece Episode 974 Title: “I’m Oden, and I Was Born to Boil “

One Piece Episode 974 preview trailer shows that Oden is standing in the boiling pot with all the Scabbards on the lid. Kaido and Orochi are watching his execution when the villagers get to know the truth about Oden but it is too late to do anything. The preview ends with Oden having a smile on the face and the reason will be revealed in the episode end.

One Piece Episode 974 Synopsis Spoilers 

The townspeople of Wano are shocked when the veteran Kunoichi with tears in her eyes tells them the truth about Kouzuki Oden. Apparently, Oden’s eccentric “naked dance”, which has been performed on a regular basis every week for five years, was to protect Wano Kuni and its people.

And even though the townspeople couldn’t keep up with their emotions, they begged Shogun Orochi to stop the execution of Oden. The reason for Oden’s eccentricity is quickly transmitted all over the country, and it turns out that Oden, who is about to be killed by boiling in a pot, is the only hope in Wano Kuni…!?

One Piece Episode 974 Release Date and Stream Anime Online

One Piece Episode 974 release date is set as Sunday, May 16th as per the official anime sources. One Piece Episode 974 will air at 9:30 am in the local Japanese time and it will be around 10 pm EST on Saturday for the US audience. The latest chapters of One Piece anime comes out every Sunday and the same will continue for this week.

One Piece Episode 974 can be stream online or watch on TV from the official anime platforms. One should always use the legal methods to stream One Piece as it provides the best version and also help the creators.

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