One Piece Netflix Full Release: When will all the Seasons of One Piece available on Netflix?

One Piece Netflix Full Release- When will all the Seasons of One Piece available on Netflix?

One Piece anime is now available to stream on Netflix and fans are really enjoying it. But there is a big problem as only the starting two seasons of One Piece are added to Netflix and fans are waiting for the full release. The main reason why Netflix added One Piece anime to the streaming library is so that they could introduce fans to the storyline and characters as they are developing a live-action Netflix series.

Netflix wants fans to get a tease of Luffy and his journey which is why they will keep on adding One Piece anime seasons. Here are some speculations on when more seasons of One Piece will be available on Netflix and when will the full anime added to the streaming service.

When will New One Piece Episodes added to Netflix?

When will New One Piece Episodes added to Netflix?

Netflix has currently added 130 episodes of One Piece anime which covers the East Blue and Alabasta arc. The next story arcs in One Piece are Sky Island and Water 7 which will cover from Episode 130 to Episode 312, which could be added soon. However, the next arcs are too long and won’t be available on Netflix for a few months.

It is because the Thriller Bark and Summit War arcs run up to One Piece Episode 516 and hence it might even be 2021 before it is available on Netflix. It is because One Piece anime has a total of 933 episodes as of the writing and around 588 has been dubbed into English yet.

One Piece Dub and Sub on Netflix

One Piece Dub and Sub on Netflix 

One Piece anime has a lot of episodes and a new episode is aired every week in Japan. But the English dubbing of the anime lags very much behind and it might take a few years before they catch up with the original language.

Netflix has currently added One Piece episodes which have both English sub and dub options available. However, it won’t be a problem if Netflix decides to add complete One Piece anime with subtitle options and add dub with time.

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