One Punch Man Trailer: Season 1 vs Season 2, have some things really changed?

One Punch Man Trailer season 1 vs season 2, have some things really changed?

Talking about the biggest anime release of the year and the One Punch Man season is here! Its fans have witnessed and thus, explained some of the adjustments that they have noticed while seeing the trailer.

However. the main question that arises here is that what exactly is the difference between this and season 1’s trailer? On comparing the trailer, they found out not only the colour and varied shadings were different but the majorly noticed changed is Genos’ battle with G4.

One Punch Man Trailer season 1 vs season 2, have some things really changed?

One Punch Man

The odd angle in which Genos takes out his arms for punching G4 has made the fans really worried. They have now started saying that they are not sure if this season’s action is literally heartthrob. However, the action background is made more appropriate now, also the angle is considered to be a dramatic shift.

Thus, its an arguably notable improvement from the perspective of the majority of fans. The new trailer has raised a ray of hope for the varied fans and they are thus, expecting a great improvement in this anime’s production.

Also, the colour of Saitama has been changed followed by some other changes noticed by fans. Currently streaming on Hulu, you can enjoy an array of 12 episodes in this show.

The story is all about a hero namely Saitama who is practically invincible due to his three years’ special training. Now. his strength has been led to such a great height that a single punch would be enough to beat his enemies. Being a member of the Hero Association, he is all set to save the Earth from monster incidents.

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