Orange Is The New Black season 7 marks its inevitable end!

Orange is the New Black season 7

Goodbyes don’t always have to mark a permanent separation, sometimes they are just a sign of a temporary break! However, our goodbye with Orange Is The New Black season 7 is a permanent one! Yes, you guessed it right the show is coming to an end.

The next instalment to its series will be its last iteration as well! The 13 episodes containing final season will take you on a roller-coaster ride through the lives of its iconic characters!

Orange Is The New Black season 7 is the finale of the show!

The show that taught us how to binge! It escalated the status of those people who have never been considered for protagonist roles before. Orange Is The New Black set new standards for shows with its unique storyline and concepts. However like all good things it too has to end!

The first episode of the last season will mark the beginning of the impending end. When the show got aired for the first time in 2013 we were taken by surprise by Piper Chapman. Thinking of her as the Trojan Horse of the show now seems so common. The show is based on 2010 memoir by Piper Kerman.

However, it was never destined to follow the fate of a white lady who spends a year in prison, adjusting to her surroundings. Once the show hit Litchfield, it expanded portraying the justice system and how its judgement takes a toll on her peers.

It highlighted the lives of those poor, marginalized women whose stories never make it to trending news. The show proudly kicked open the door of streaming TV!  Even though the show’ agenda expanded during it’s running years, the end will take us all back to the beginning

The show’s finale will take you back to were it all began!

The bittersweet final season will show its viewers the Piper Chapman show once again. Well, isn’t it ironical? Just like coming to a full circle! Ending where it all started!

Even though Piper is out of Litchfield, life will remain to be tough for her. Her biggest crisis is the scarlet bold capital C which speaks of her past (C stands for convict). The alphabet keeps appearing on her job interviews and social interaction making things messier than needed. Even freedom is not an easily gained thing for her.

She is struggling with her financial difficulties, parole officer and to add a cherry on her pandemonium like the life she lives in a hubbub filled the house.

So let’s see how she tackles with all of this? Orange Is The New Black season 7 is definitely worth watching!

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