Oregon woman survived 99 years with Organs in the Wrong Places

Oregon woman lived until 99 with Organs in the Wrong Places
Woman who lived 99 years with organs misplacement.

Recently, strange news has appeared on the headlines where a 99-year-old healthy woman from the US passed away. As per the doctor’s reports, she lived with her organs on the wrong side. It is impossible for a human to survive for 99 years. But she was the one from Oregon.

Rose Marie Bentley was the owner of a pet feed store. She was suffering from a rare congenital condition. After her death, her body send for a donation for the research purposes at a University in Portland, Oregon.

How the doctors realized?

During an anatomy class, students of university noticed her organs in a different position. Most of her organs were not where they were supposed to be. As in, her stomach, liver, and other abdominal region was reversed right to left. Later on, the doctor realized she was suffering from situs inversus with levocardia.

Oregon woman lived until 99 with Organs in the Wrong Places

Organ Misplacement

Dr Cam Walker’s statement

Some doctors are shocked that she was able to live such a healthy life. Her internal organs were the mirror image of normal human anatomy. Dr Walker stated that this an unusual condition. He is an assistant professor of anatomy at Oregon Health and Science University.

99 years with organs in all the wrong places

Mrs Bentley

He also said that the students discovered while they were dissecting the cardiovascular cavity. They finally realized that Mrs Bentley’s body was different from the others. He has never seen any case like that before.

What is Situs inversus with levocardia?

This is a rare condition that occurs about once in every 22,000 births. Mrs. Bentley’s case was unique, but most of the people with such condition suffer from heart issues. The infants who are born with this condition mostly die after their adulthood.

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