Outlander Season 6 Release Date Updates: COVID-19 has created huge trouble for the Series


The ongoing pandemic has brought the whole world to a stand-still. The entertainment industry could also not spare itself of the fall. Our all-time favorite show Outlander seems not to be far behind by coming with a late release in 2021.


CoVid 19 has brought the shooting to a halt

The Outlander Season 6 looks like to be following the footsteps of Season 5 which was expected to be aired in late 2019 but the first episode came out in February, 2020. The season 5 wrapped up when the finale aired in May.

REVELATIONS BY THE CAST: The cast seems to be reassuring as they have been spotted saying that they are trying to get the production going as early as possible. Although the filming is yet to begin so expecting even a late 2020 release, especially during the current ongoing condition, seems a little far-fetched. ‘They are putting plans in place’ Sam said in one of his interviews.

This time there is going to be a long draughtlander as his famously said by the show lovers. Although the show’s star Sam Heughan seems to be enjoying the draughtlander as he says it gives him time to work on other projects.

Sam has also been spotted saying that he did not expect the show to become so huge and thought that it would be a matter of only couple of years and here they are waiting to resume shooting for Outlander: Season 6. This season is expected to have 12 episodes, just like its Season 5.

Outlander Season 5 Key Art and Marketing Shoot – Sep 17-21 2019

EXPECTATIONS: The show is based upon a famous book by the author Giana Gabaldon with the same title “Outlander’. The ‘Outlander’ Season 6 is expected to pick up somethings from the book Outlander- A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

The viewers are in for a bumpy ride as the producers have hinted that the center characters of the show may be seen moving away from North America. This can happen if the makers decide to change the storyline and experiment something different from the book.

Cast: Characters like Jamie Farser played by Sam Heughan, Clarie Farser played by Caitriona Balfe alongwith their daughter Brianna Randall Farser, played by Sophie Skelton, Roger Wakefield played by Richard Rankin who plays the role of Brianna’s husband are some the viewers are expecting to be able to watch on Outlander: Season 6.

SPIN OFF: For sometime rumors that the makers are expected to come out with a spin-off show have also been doing rounds. Expecting the high drama, romance and adventure in the show all we can say is that the vareity the spin-off could bring would be totally worth the wait.

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