Ozark Season 4 Release Date, Spoilers: COVID-19 has affected Filming Schedule


The new update about the next installment of Ozark has made their fans very exited. The series producer and lead actor, Jason Bateman was the source of all these details about the series.

Previously, it was announced that the fourth installment will be the final run of the drama. However the filming is not yet started, this is due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Filming Schedule Announcement

Finally, a good news for the fans arrived when Jason shared when they will get back to filming the drama.

Jason said,

We’re going to start November 9. Everything is moving well toward that and we’re very confident in the guidelines and protocols we are going to follow.

Bateman also made it clear that he want to make sure that filming will be safe for everyone. They are taking out every small thing that could cost them and setting up protocols in the workplace.

Bateman said,

We’re prepared for all of that. It will be disruptive but we’ve got to back to work and we’re getting it as safe as we possibly can.

What to expect in the finale?

At the time, Jason Bateman also revealed some spoilers as to what can be anticipated in the upcoming installment of the drama.

Bateman quoted,

Basically, what we will see is a continuation of domestic harmony versus personal ambition.

Finally, Bateman hinted that there will be tons of deaths in the final installment of the series, so fans should prepare themselves for these unfortunate events.

He added that the stakes will going to rise and may even go beyond the Ozark previous installments.

He ended by saying,

It’s the devil and the angel on the shoulder all the way through.

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