Ozark Season 4 Renewal unlikely as rumors suggest Netflix has canceled the drama


Reports surfaced this week that suggested Netflix has canceled the much-anticipated Ozark season 4. Fans have awaited the next installment for quite some time, so the news of show’s removal from Netflix’s lineup certainly was a big blow.



Ozark Season 4: Show’s removal from Netflix’s programming lineup

Fans are riddled with dilemmas about the show’s future. Netflix has not renewed Ozark for season 4 so far. The rumors of its cancellation emerged after Netflix removed the show from its website.

Similarly, the rumors of cancellation flooded Reddit’s Ozark discussion page after redditors revealed that the show has been removed from Netflix. Apparently, these redditors went on Netflix to stream Ozark but they were taken aback by absence of the show on the website’s shows list.

The posts disclosed that the show has been missing since June 11. “Recently started watching Ozark, enjoying it and halfway through Season 1,” a reddit discussion reads. “Tried to Google but nothing to say it’s been removed?”

Redittors from across the world joined the discussion and they expressed that Ozark has disappeared from Netflix in countries including the U.S. and Spain, among others. Nevertheless, the fans took a sigh of relief after an update was posted.

A poster mentioned that Ozark is back on Netflix. He suggested that the sudden disappearance could have just been a result of a glitch on the website.

Ozark Season 4: Will it be renewed?

Ozark Season 4 has still not received a green light from the giant streaming platform. Ozark Season 3 released as recently as March. It is quite soon to release Ozark Season 4 given the last installment was released only a few months ago.

Moreover, the show has excellent ratings. Netflix would never axe a show with such glamorous ratings. Although no official dates have yet been announced for release of Ozark Season 4, a reasonable date of release would be sometime in 2022 given that filming will commence next year.

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