Paedophiles to be castrated through chemical injections in Ukraine

Paedophiles to be castrated through chemical injections in Ukraine

In order to prevent assaults against minors and more sexual fugitives to grow, the government of Ukraine has come up with the most atrocious cruelties to whip their hides. The government will now forcibly castrate the country paedophiles through chemical injections.

Ukraine supports chemical castration of convicted paedophiles

Paedophiles to be castrated through chemical injections in Ukraine

Ukraine proposes chemical castration for child molesters (picture: ABC4)

The decisions came after the whopping crime records of paedophiles, assaulting minors throughout the country. The official figures of 2017 have recorded for more than 320 child rapes in Ukraine. But the horror and trauma of brutal assaults sweep across thousand of Ukraine minors, within a particular year.

In words of Ukraine’s National police chief,  Vyacheslav Abroskin:

Estimates say, a number of five children are raped daily in four divided regions of Ukraine within a day.

These are the recorded crimes where guardians had put aside their fears to come out. However, there are still a whale of sexual offenders who go unnoticed and unreported, roam freely around Ukraine, planning for another heinous crime while traumatizing their victims.

The countrymen has openly supported the law

This could not have been really easier for the Ukrainees to come out and share their stories. But it was just their burning desires towards a better society, that helped the government to counterstrike.

Meanwhile, the officials will forcefully inject the anti-androgen chemicals in the offender’s body (paedophiles). The fatal chemicals will reduce the sexual activities of the paedophiles tilting towards a lower libido.

We are still unable to track down the exact numbers on how many latent crimes we have against children in our country.

Paedophiles to be castrated through chemical injections in Ukraine

Lawmakers attend a special Ukrainian parliament sessions to pass the law (picture: UKR INFORM )

The approvals against the sexual fugitives come days after Daria’s rape and murder in Odessa region. Daria was just a 11 year old school girl. She was raped and killed after a massive fight-back against his own family friend, Nikolay Tarasov, 22.

Looking forward to a more safer Ukraine

The incident caused a widespread outrage in the country after the locals found her dead body in a cesspool. Moreover, the suspect’s mother Maria disowned her own son after his shameful act.

Salvini calls for castration for rapists from europe

Ukraine’s parliament, Verkhovna Rada hold a special session to pass the special laws against sexual crimes. Evenmore, the officials will also manage a public register against sent down paedophiles.

They will be further monitored by police members for the rest of their lives. The legislature of Ukraine has also increased a convict’s jail term from 12 to 15 years.

Much before Ukraine, Kazakhstan also asserted the use of chemical castration to prevent sexual abuses.

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