Paris Jackson Rumors: Michael Jackson’s daughter is the real of child Elizabeth Taylor?


Paris Jackson wants a DNA test to find out who her real mother is. The claim sounds meaningless but reputed sources will keep an eye on it.

Godmother could be her Biological Mother?

According to sources, Paris is seeking a maternity test to find if Elizabeth Taylor is her real mother a instead of Debbie Rowe. A close pal told the tabloid that Paris was always fond of her grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor.

The story goes off the rails from here. The tabloid claims,

“Liz was too old to have a baby. Michael Jackson begged her to freeze her eggs in his name.

But nobody knows if Liz actually did that and what happened to them.

The Tabloid refuses to commit

The tabloid goes on to claim that Paris looks more like Liz’s daughter as compared to her actual daughters. The article also claims that Jackson may have fallen out with Debbie. It also adds that Debbie hated Michael and Elizabeth’s friendship.

What is the tabloid actually trying to claim?

The tabloid is making two different claims. On one hand Elizabeth Taylor froze her eggs on Michael’s request and that somehow led to Paris. On the other hand, the tabloid claims that Jackson is angry with Rowe and trying to get back at her.

Rumor or Real

A close source to Jackson revealed that there was no truth in these rumors. There are many pictures of Rowe that proves that she was pregnant. Jackson and Rowe were spotted together at a concert last year.  So she is close to her mother. The tabloids are only trying to target Jackson and are spreading false rumors about her.

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