No1 pick of Pelicans Zion Williamson impresses on Summer League debut

Pelicans' No.1 pick Zion Williamson impresses on Summer League debut

First day of Zion Williamson at the NBA was just what it promised. It was the power game, the dunks and everything that made Zion Williamson the No.1 pick in this year’s NBA draft.

Pelicans land No. 1 pick from sports

The show at Las Vegas came to a premature end when Zion Williamson was hit and subsequently rested. But the little over 9 minutes show lit up Las Vegas like everyone at the court expected to.

Zion Williamson: Is now famous dunk at full tilt

All of Williamson’s shots were dunk as he displayed a spectacular amount of perfection with the the shot. Zion Williamson scored all of 11 points before taking a knee-to-knee hit. The setback ended his game prematurely as Pelicans chose not to risk their biggest prospect.

His 11 points, 3 rebounds and 1 steal had just what made him the talk of the town at Duke. All of his Dunks and Power game he showed in 2018-19 was on display here.

All the stars present at the Summer game were offered a glimpse of what to expect from Pelicans star pick. The game yet was far from perfect from Zion but no one is disappointed.

Earthquake postpones star studded night

The night was lit by Zion’s exemplary play but there a host of other stars lighting it up. LeBron could be seen sitting beside to-be teammate Anthony Davis. No.2 pick Ja Morant was also present along with Jarent Jackson Jr. DeMar DeRozan sat two seats down from James. Collin Sexton, Buddy Hield, and Trae Young sat next to each other.

Pelicans' No.1 pick Zion Williamson impresses on Summer League debut

LeBron James was sitting besides to-ve teammate Anthony Davis. Image :

California was unfortunately shooked by an earthquake 7:53 before time. Play was thus postponed by the officials as a precautionary measure.

Zion Williamson though will still be hungry to show more. He missed a total of 5 shots along with 3 of his hits getting blocked.

But this was just the start. The start of an illustrated career if he manages to fulfill even just more than half his potential.

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