PewDiePie in trouble, petition for the ban of PewDiePie is live

Blowing petitions for the ban of PewDiePie

PewDiePie is one of the top trending channels of YouTube. Here there are many subscribers and people seem to follow this a lot, this has around 100 million subscribers or even more than that.

Despite the crazy success in the YouTube, the PewDiePie is witnessing a career that has a lot of fluctuations and there are also a series of controversies and some of the most renowned ones is the promotion of the supremacy of the whites.

About the petition:

There has been a petition filed for the complete ban of the videos on the channel of PewDiePie. The petition is being made on the website Change.org. This is being managed by Maria Ruiz who is solely more striving for the complete banning of the channel.

Blowing petitions for the ban of PewDiePie

PewDiePie hosts charity stream

People cannot just have access to a person with such a thought process and mentality. Here the supremacy of the whites is normalized and this is something that is quite hard to be digested.

Updates of Change.org

The website Change.org for filing the petition was made a few days ago. But this happened to have a grab on the mainstream attention and consequently, there are a lot more signatures that the petition is having right now.

Every few minutes more of the supporters added to this petition thereby making it a way stronger case.

Blowing petitions for the ban of PewDiePie

The petition has also successfully been able to have the controversies of the channel over these past years. And this is something that is more firmly pointing out the supremacy of the whites in the channel.

Thus this is something that is quite helpful in helping the case grow stronger so that the law finds the channel guilty.

The racist jokes are really amongst the few things that hurt a lot. This affects society as a whole. This channel is charged with the anti-Semitism. This means that he accidentally happened to promote the channels with the content of white supremacy in it.

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