Pink Dolphin Spotted Swimming with its Calf

Pink Dolphin Spotted Swimming with its Calf

Pinky dolphins has been gaining attention on social media lately. She is a rare breed of a pink dolphin who was discovered swimming Louisiana’s Calcasieu River by the locals. Due to her baby pink skin, they named her Pinky. However, it may come as a shock to you all, but this unusual creature has her own Facebook fan page.

Pinky spotted with a baby calf

Sexually Active Pink Dolphin Spotted Swimming with Baby Calf

Credits: Newsly

Everything started 12 years back, and today, she has created her own fandom. Recently, she was spotted again by a group of fishermen. However, this time she was not alone. Fishermen noticed her swimming with a pink calf. Besides, they were able to presume that the pink adorable dolphin is her own baby.

Thomas Anderson filmed the video of this cute mother and the baby duo jumping with joy, from of their boat. Anderson decided to upload the video on Facebook. Later on, the video went viral worldwide.

Locals are always thrilled to spot it near the river. You can watch the video of the dolphins swimming in Louisiana Calcasieu River on Facebook.

As per the reports, Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service first spotted the baby dolphin. Moreover, he also realized that Pinky is his mother. He also stated that Pinky is very sexually active.

Are there pink dolphins real?

Sexually Active Pink Dolphin Spotted Swimming with Baby Calf

Credits: VT

As per the research, many dolphins have pink bellies. Pinky is 100% pink from head to tail due to a genetic mutation. She belongs from the endangered species. Apart from that, she has red eyes. Her skin is glossy, smooth and flawless.

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