Pirates Of the Caribbean 6; Is Johnny Depp Passing On The Torch Of Jack Sparrow?


Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the biggest blockbuster franchises this world has ever seen. Right from the very first movie, this franchise caught the eye of the audiences worldwide. Sure Hollywood has produced some amazing franchises over the years but very few can come close to where this Johhny Depp starer is. In terms of sheer entertainment, Pirates of the Caribbean blows everyone else out of the water (pun intended).

So far the franchise has had 5 installments. All of these installments are extremely well received by audiences around the globe. People around the world are massive fans of this deep-sea adventure world that takes them to a fantasy full of goofiness and a lot of treasure. However, the last installment of the franchise was released way back in 2017 and people are definitely hungry for more!

The last movie in the franchise made a whopping $794 million worldwide. The only logical step would be to continue the franchise from both the studio’s and the public’s point of view. There are whispers of a script in the making for the much-awaited Pirates of the Caribbean 6! Yes, you read that right! There are talks about a sixth installment to the coveted franchise. However, we might have to wait till late 2022 to finally watch the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp’s name is synonymous with the franchise even though he has had some amazing roles in other movies. there is no official news about whether Johhny Depp is going to be in the next installment or not. But, it is safe to assume he is definitely going to be in it. Just like most hardcore fans of the franchise, we shall count down the days till we can watch our beloved goofy pirate back on the big screens.

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