Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds, Match Predictions, Steelers will miss Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers will kick off the second day of Week 2 NFL preseason games. Both the club will enter into action on Friday night, 7.30 pm EST. The game between Steelers and Buccaneers will be played at the Heinz Field stadium. It will be the first game for both the teams to test their new players from the 2019 NFL Draft.

It is a tough time for the Steelers as they have lost some of their best players in the form of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Here are the betting odds and winner predictions for the Steelers vs. Buccaneers NFL game.

Betting Odds and Winner Predictions

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds

Pittsburgh Steelers are the still the favourites of the game despite playing without their main stars. As per the betting odds, Steelers are (+2.5) and can score 37 points. While the odds are with the Steelers, it doesn’t mean Buccaneers can’t win.

The Bucs are having some great rookie players and the next game can finally give them a chance. It will be difficult, but Steelers vs. Buccaneers can go in any direction. In the end, it’s all a play of quarterbacks, and whoever team performs better, wins the game.

Bell and Brown

The biggest trouble Steelers are facing is that the Brown and Bell duo is no longer with them. Antonio Brown is now playing for the Oakland Raiders after making a new deal with them. Le’Veon Bell was a free agent since the last season and has finally been signed by the New York Jets.

James Conner is doing good in offense and it’s time for him to prove himself to the Steelers. It would be tough to break the Buccaneers defense, as most of the players in Steelers are not performing well. Ben Rothlisberger might not play in the Friday night match, and it can change the Steelers vs. Buccaneers entire predictions.

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