PlayStation 5 Price Revealed? Sony President Shares Details In Latest Interview

Jim Ryan PS5
Jim Ryan PS5

We got to witness Sony’s outstanding PS5 reveal event. The Japanese gaming console manufacturer declared all the upcoming titles coming to the much-awaited gaming console along with the hardware. However, the fans were left guessing when it came to the actual price of the upcoming gaming console.

Jim Ryan PS5

Jim Ryan PS5

Recently, in an interview with BBC, Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, stated that Sony is determined to focus on value over price. the president of Sony added that after keeping this in mind, the company will offer two unique designs of PS5. The PS5 will come in a digital-only design and a disc-based design.

PlayStation 5

Jim acknowledges the current market where the consumers prefer solely digital, however, Sony wants to offer the people a choice. The CEO further added that this business is “recession-proof”. But he claimed that this must encourage the company to focus on providing value for money products.

PS5 Controller

The company needs to be more attentive than it has ever been to make sure that PS5 lives up to the expectations, the CEO added. Jim further stated that they are focusing on maximizing the value proposition in terms of the console, quality, and quantity of games, interface, etc. The interview did not reveal the price of PS5, however, online rumors suggest the PS5 will cost you around $500.

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Experts are claiming that the price will be higher due to the coveted SSD (Solid State Drive). The game developers are showing their excitement for SSD in various interviews. The SSD is ultrafast and uses a technology that even the most advanced gaming computers do not have. The PS5 will come with the SSD, custom processors, and Sony’s audio technology.

All these amazing attributes can make Sony’s PS5 more pricey than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

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